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Pietei 7, Horezu Town, Valcea County

Tel.: 0250/860.157
Fax: 0250/860.180

The Administration
The Administration of Buila-V├ónturari┼úa National Parc (BVNP) was established in February 2006. BVNP is administrated by Romsilva, the National Forestry Administration, according to the contract signed with the Ministry of Environment and Long lasting Development, in partnership with the Kogayon Association ÔÇô an NGO based in the Coste┼čti village,
The Scientific Council
The members of the Scientific Council were named by BVNP's Administration, endorsed by the Commission for the Protection of Natural Monuments of the Romanian Academy and approved by Ministerial Order
The Consulting Council
Members of the Consulting Council of the BVNP were nominated by the Park's Administration and approved by order of the Minister of the Environment and Water Management no. 568/06.06.2006
Regulations of the Park
Regulations of the Park - only in romanian
Management Plan
Buila-V├ónturari╚Ťa National Park Management Plan - in process

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